Owning a Classic Mini - Part 1

It’s not as easy as you might think.

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  • featured here is my 1991 Rover Mini Cooper, being loaded onto a tow truck by very nice guy named Taylor who works for a local recovery service, AC Towing and Recovery.

My morning started off with attempting to jump start my little pocket rocket. I had left it outside, covered underneath a warm car cover for the past couple weeks without a battery tender. It was a stupid folly but non the less I decided I need to go for a proper drive since the weather was nice and I wanted to start 2017 with something that makes me happy.


Unfortunately the Mini had other ideas.

I hate to say this, because I’d like to build the little but steadfast community of people who love these cars yet don’t live in a country that supports them well, don’t own one unless you want to spend many hours: tinkering, wrenching, bleeding and sweating. It’s really hard work sometimes and I promise you, it’s not all zingy little engines and eating apexes through little city streets.


Some days it’s worth it, some day’s you want to jump off a bridge into the James River.

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